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November 05, 2007


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Hi Doug. welcome!

The font is a free font publically available on the internet copyright free.

Just discovered your website - very interesting. I will make it a regular stop.
Still, you might want to rethink that font choice - Disney is super-agressive on its intellectual property. Or am I missing something?

I thought I'd throw an addendum in here in the form of a comment.

I was at the Intermodal Expo/Transcomp show here in Atlanta this week and specifically sought out the big boxes. There werent any APL units there, but there were pacer stacktrain units etc. Man, a 53 ft hicube container is one big mutha.

Im less concerned about chassis now because there ARE 53 ft slider chassis. Im assuming thats what the shipping lines will use in the terminals because the same chassis that would be used for a 45 possibly could be used for a 53.


Splatty, thanks for checking in. The chassis situation is probably simpler off terminal than on.



You bring up some excellent points. I was thinking about this over the weekend as well (what does that say about our work/personal priorities)? I agree that transloading will not go away entirely, especially for those customers who use ocean freight and transloading as a virtual warehouse. Transloading provides an option for customers to decon product and truck directly to their retail customers. You also mention the potential equipment issues. This will probably be a huge concern for smaller inland cities where there might not be chassis' available for local 53' container deliveries.

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